Proof Generation at Scale

What is Bonsai

A proving service that is scalable, fast and cheap, so you can achieve exceptional performance and scale for your zkApp.

What you use it for

If you want to access high-performance proof generation for your ZK application without managing your own hardware.

Scalable proving

By parallelizing proof requests across hundreds of GPUs, Bonsai reduces your proving time and can handle demand spikes that might take down your app’s service if proving was run locally.

Reliable performance

With Bonsai, you can focus on taking your proof of concept to production, while counting on a proving service with guaranteed stability and performance.

Simple deployment

Bonsai is seamlessly integrated into the RISC0 zkVM and easy to deploy; just set an environment variable to switch between local proving and using Bonsai.

Audited and secure

Bonsai has been fully audited by a third-party, ensuring its security as a proving service.

Ready to delegate proving for your ZK application?

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