Jeremy Bruestle Steps Into the Role of CEO

Jeremy Bruestle is stepping in as RISC Zero’s CEO. Jeremy is a co-founder and formerly served as the company’s Chief Cryptographer. Bringing more than two decades of experience,  he will continue to drive cutting-edge innovation in the industry and the adoption of RISC Zero’s zero knowledge technology across multiple verticals and industries.

We would like to thank Brian Retford for his dedication and contributions to the blockchain industry and the company. His leadership and technical contributions have left us in a strong position to execute our roadmap. 

“I’m excited to lead RISC Zero through the next phase of our technical innovation, growth and industry adoption,” said Jeremy. “My conviction about the impact and potential of general purpose zero knowledge has never been stronger and we have the industry’s best team in place to achieve that vision. I look forward to continuing to drive cutting-edge innovations as we work towards a world where zero knowledge is universal.”

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