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Study Club

RISC Zero's Study Club sessions aim to introduce the pre-requisite concepts necessary to understand our technology

Upcoming Sessions

We'll post announcements for upcoming talks on this page, on Twitter, and on Discord.

Continuations in zkVM: Enabling large computations, easily
Frank Laub, Co-founder & CTO
May 31, 9am Pacific // 4pm UTC
Zoom Link
We recently released a new feature called continuations, that removes the "cycle limit" for RISC Zero's proof generation. This feature unlocks the ability to run an EVM or WASM interpreter inside our zkVM. This talk will cover both how continuations work and how to use them.

Past Sessions

Full recordings and slides from past sessions are available here

Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machines

Mathematical Primitives

ZK Protocol Design

Other Educational Videos

You may also be interested in some of our other talks and podcasts or our developer-focused workshops from ZKHack III and ZKHack Lisbon.