We are RISC Zero

RISC Zero is revolutionizing the internet by creating the infrastructure & tooling necessary for Web3 developers around the globe to build zero-knowledge software.


We're a diverse group of hackers, futurists, and nerds dedicated to making the internet the place we all deserve. We've already built the world's first zero-knowledge virtual machine capable of running arbitrary code as a zero-knowledge proof. We're now building an ecosystem on top of it.

RISC Zero was started in 2021 to tackle the biggest challenge to our industry, and potentially our society – increased centralization and consolidation of not just the applications we use but the infrastructure we use to build and manage them. Therefore, we are bringing general-purpose computing to the zero-knowledge ecosystem – enabling users to trust programs run anywhere while allowing developers to use the tools they already know and love.


Our purpose is to empower Web3 developers to create and implement ZK technology, enabling individuals worldwide to leverage its benefits. By providing open-sourced tools and resources, we strive to democratize ZK technology and make it available to developers and users everywhere.


Brian Retford
Frank Laub
Jeremy Bruestle
Joe Restivo
SVP of Operations
Kevin Nassery
Head of Security
Manasi Vora
VP product growth
Nicole Doyle
VP of People Ops
Tim Carstens
Principal Engineer

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